The Ronald D. Paul Companies was founded in 1987. By combining his real estate knowledge with his background in accounting, Ronald Paul has been able to assess investment opportunities based on real value. The Company operates methodically and consistently, taking into account long-term effects when making decisions, not just short term goals. Financial institutions and other professional organizations describe the Company with terms such as "integrity", "solid financial base" and "detail-oriented" when discussing mutual business dealings. Attorneys, banks and insurance companies often call upon Ronald D. Paul Companies for asset evaluations from an entrepreneurial perspective.

Ronald D. Paul Companies believes that the single most important reason for holding an investment is to add to its value. When the Company acquires a property, it extensively analyzes the "before" picture and assesses what is necessary to capitalize most advantageously on the "after". From the blueprints to the final installations, Ronald D. Paul Companies oversees and manages the complete project in the style in which it operates best - hands on ... detail by detail.

The deliberate hand that guides Ronald D. Paul Companies' property management is very much in evidence in its acquisitive philosophy. The Company achieves its success through quality, not quantity. It is more interested in investments that make sense than investments that make headlines.

Joint venturing or purchasing troubled projects is not new to the Company. It is a continuation of what it does best. As an example, the owners of an office building retained Ronald D. Paul Companies to manage their building at a time when it was only 40% leased. Through astute analysis, hands-on management and leasing, and a tailored renovation program, the property was brought to an 85% occupancy level in just nine months. Ronald D. Paul Companies then went on to purchase the building.

The Company's expertise, coupled with its methodical investigation of each potential opportunity and overriding attention to detail, leads to the acquisition of properties with significant future value.

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Although not the largest company in its field, it is certainly among the most highly regarded.

  • This website is dedicated to our friend and colleague Stephen H. Eisen. Steve served as Vice President of the company and worked with Ron for more than twenty-five years. From the great pride he took in the buildings to the relationships that he developed with the tenants and the contractors that he worked with, Steve‚Äôs standard of excellence serves as the foundation of our management philosophy.

  • RDP Cares:

    We are committed to creating meaningful change in the communities we serve through our philanthropic efforts.